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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The 5 people you surround yourself with

The 5 people you surround yourself with

The above statement has been known and proclaimed for ages, even though maybe you have just recently grab the entire concept of it.

And it can be applied to anything. From school, college, workplace, gatherings, outings, meetings up, friendships, partnerships, get-togethers etc. etc.

The fact that those people have and play an enormous influence on us is undeniable. 

We become as the average 5 people we spent most time with on a daily basis, the ones we talk to daily, we work with, we chat to, we surround ourselves with. What are their thoughts, what are they actions, what is their income, what are their jobs, what are their skills, what values do they hold dear, what sort of abilities do they possess, what hobbies do they have, what is their level of education, what are their parenting styles, how they view certain things / topics / issues, are they here for you and others, what do you like about them, why do you appreciate them, what do you dislike and / or would you like to see them improve on / make an adjustment, what matter most to them and to yourself?

How often have you been meeting together, seeing each other, talking to one another? What influence do you feel do they have on you and what influence do you have on them? How do you feel after meeting and talking to them? Are you fired up and stoked for weeks to come, are you full of energy to go and conquer the world, are you feeling happy and giving and loving, are you smiling, are you feeling positive OR do you feel drained, without any energy to spare, do you feel negative feelings, do you feel as if the time has been wasted, nothing really was gained either way, you both should remain silent. Is it like that or could it be different? What could have been worked on, what could have been improved?

The same can be also talked over via books, video, movies, newspapers, magazines, you name it.

What sort of people would you like to associate yourself with?

What sort of experiences would you like to have?

What kind of books would you like to read?

What types of movies would you like to watch?

What kind of seminars would you like to attend?

What sort of environment would you like to surround yourself with?

What kind of attitude would you like to hold?

What kind of person are YOU?

How are the people around you feeling?

How are the people feeling after they have just left you?

What sort of values do you desire to have?

How are the people feeling after talking to you?

How are the people feeling after meeting with you?

Are you being their hero in their eyes?

Have you been a teacher or a student?

Have you been an example?

What sort of education should we enquire?

What level of skill do we need to apply on?

We have only got one shot. We make as well make it a big one!!

It is said that the day has been wasted if we did not do, act, to say something to someone who will never ever be able to repay us the deed.

That would be a pretty awesome world to live in. That would be an amazing way to lead our life, to life, to teach others, to show how it should be done!

Now, the real opposing question stand here is… are we living up to it? Daily? Or is there something left to be improved on, worked on?

How can we be of more value to others?

How can we ourselves improve in order to be of better service to others?

Many questions are here for us to ponder over. None of them is there for any other reason. Nothing has been wasted. There are no mistakes. There is a reason to everything. Everything that has ever happened to us is stoked, is shelved, is placed, has its own room, a space, it is encoded inside our very soul. We learn from it and then following this experience, we then based our decision on what we have felt and experienced in different stages of our lives.

The books we read, the movie we watch, the seminars we attend, the people we associate ourselves with have all play an important part and a role in our development and thus should not be taken lightly and for granted, too!

We are not perfect, of course! We are not machines running non-stop, all day, every day. We experience emotions daily, we have feelings that are so gentle and tender and could be so softly and lightly and with a slight touch disconnected from the core. Our feeling can be shattered in minutes.

Every action has its own consequence.

Every decision has its own consequence.

Every word has its own consequence.

Every book has its own consequence.

Every movie has its own consequence.

Every friend plays his/her own part in our lives.

Every meal we eat has its own consequence.

Every drink we drink has its own consequence.

Every step we take has its own consequence.

Every song we sing has its own consequence.

Every seminar we attend has its own consequence.

Every thought we have has its own consequence.

Every letter we write and send has its own consequence.

Every kiss we give has its own consequence.

Every smile we give has its own consequence.

Every email we send has its own consequence.

Every hug we give has its own consequence.

How would you like to be remembered?

What would you like to be remembered for?

How would you like to be seen and processed by others?

Always be amongst those who lift you up higher, who wish you happiness, who want to see you successful and loved and blessed, who wish your dreams are already coming true!!


Be the very person you wish to meet !!!

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