Monday, 10 June 2013

Home sweet Home

Home sweet Home

I am heading home in a couple of days from now.

The paradox in Life:

ð The older you get, the more you feel and experience and miss your family

ð The older you get, the less you speak and talk and the more you listen and pray

What else is there?

Family, friends who are very important to me, who are very important to you!

Being away from the family, your sister, your brother, your real friends can be tough enough, of course. How are you going to deal with it?

What ways are there to keep in contact, to keep in touch with your family and friends back home?

I myself have experienced and done my deal and share of being away from my family/friends for extended periods of time on several occasions. Those times were not exactly easy times, as you may call them. Learning lessons have occurred and challenges have showed up, too. As well as embrace the change and the whole, entire experience, I have had my days of deep lows. Nevertheless the, highs moment were there, of course, too!

Being apart from my family more years when a lot of travelling was happening has taught me an incredible amount about myself as a person, about who I really am, who I like and do not like, what I prefer and what I do not prefer, what I want and what I do not want, what I desire and what I do not desire, what breaks me and what does not break me, what builds me up and what puts me down, what I expect and what I do not expect, what I predict and what I do not predict, what I like and what I do not like, what I strive for and what I do not strive for, what I would suggest others to do and go for, and what I would not suggest others to do and go for, what I would recommend others to do and go for, and what I would not recommend others to do and go for, and all else and everything else in between and in the middle, too!

It is not only myself who realizes those happenings and the occurrences, everyone else experiences it as well, having been gone and through similar deals and dead to mine.

What were the hardest parts of the journey?

What were the sweetest/best parts of the journey?

How about your journey?

What were the hardest parts of your journey through it all?

What were the sweetest/best parts of your journey through it all?

Having said that, not everyone, of course, has been bitten by the same travelling bug as my bug is.

I love to travel, there is almost nothing like getting lost in the wilderness of it all, to finally find yourself after all this searching and longing at the end of the day. I have lived and worked in many countries and on many continents.

This is nothing new, there certainly comes a point in time, where all you want to do is settle down somewhere finally, find a life - long partner, build a house together, find a proper job, start and raise a family, grow old together till the end of times, all that and happily ever after in the end, of course, too!

My family, my sister and our cat means everything to me. They mean the whole universe to me and I cannot and do not even dare to imagine my life without them not being there. In my younger years, I was wild and free and spirited, crazy, insane soul that was sure and thought I could manage things on my own, no need to ask for help, not even a friend, not even a family member. And yes, I have been a good daughter, I have really been.

Now, as the time progresses, priorities have shifted immeasurably and myself considering the whole family thing and affair, I must state and confess, the opposite is being the game here, the truth in my body, my soul, my heart, my mind.

I would give anything for being with my family, with talking to them, with holding them, with kissing them, with hugging them, with speaking to them, with chatting to them, with emailing them, with listening to them, with eating with them, with laughing with them, with sharing all ups and downs with them, with reading with them, with playing with them, with going through family album with them, with going on trips with them, with shopping with them, with watching a family comedy with them, with being with them in this very present moment, with sleeping with them, with camping with them, with travelling with them, with running errands with them, with doing crazy things with them, with taking photos with them, with making angels with them, with making snowman with them, with cooking with them, with baking Christmas stuff with them, with giving them present, with receiving presents from them, with celebrating with them, with going on holidays with them, with cleaning with them, with barbequing with them, with sitting with them, with writing with them and to them, with singing with them, with listening to the music with them, with decorating our house with them, with going to parties with them, with opening gifts/presents with them, with dressing up with them, with putting up the show with them, with going swimming with them, with going cycling with them, with going to the theatre with them, with going to the cinema with them, with dining in the restaurant with them, with visiting a museum with them, with going bowling with them, with playing squash with them, anything else comes to mind, you name it, I would love doing right now with my family.

How is your relationship with your family, with your children, with your spouse, with your relatives?

Do they know about how you feel about them?

When was the last time they heard those loving sweet things coming out of your mouth? J

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